About Chad Chenail

I am an independent theatre maker based in and around the island of Manhattan. I am dedicated to creating theatre that keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. I hope to create and help create socially conscious and charged work focused on creating cultural awakenings and social change. My work tends to be focusechad chenaild on economic inequalities, though any human struggle creates conversation which I like to be a part of.

 I am a graduate of Pace University, where I earned  a BA in Theatre Studies with a focus in Directing. I can be described as an actor’s director, focusing on large ensemble pieces and drawing inspiration from cast, crew, and people we see spending an afternoon in the park. I am a firm believer and hopeful instigator of collaboration, and try to create an environment that promotes open and honest slice of lifing.

I am the founder of Just Company Theatre Collective, a group of performers and designers dedicated to exploring the art of story telling in a modern context. We try to use the tried and true theatrical conventions and story telling techniques mixed with modern technology and social mediums.

I am also the co-founder of Playwrights At the Grand, a monthly series of new plays at the Grand Bar & Grille in Brooklyn, NY. Playwright’s at the Grand is designed to give playwrights an opportunity to hear new work aloud, and get feedback at early stages of a plays development. By making these events FREE, we hope to provide opportunity not only for playwrights to get their work heard, but for actor’s and directors and theatre enthusiasts in our community to get together and discuss new work in our city. We hope to create a communal environment of open discussion and constructive criticism, while also having fun and drinking beer.

Please let me know what you’d like to know more about. I love to meet people in our community and discussing possibility, often over coffee.


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